His kind and gentle nature quickly emerged. He enjoyed nothing more than playing with soft toys and learning at playschool. Frieth C.E.C. School was then enriched in 1990 when Sam joined as a pupil.
Aww...Isn't he sweet?
The winter of 1985 was a cold one, everything was bleak, but then at 0:26 on the 29th of December a little ray of sunshine came into the world as Sam was born. A more adorable and certainly non-evil baby would be hard to find.
First day of school
He was such a studious and well mannered pupil that one of his teachers went as far as to say "If I had a class of 28 Sam Lacey's my life would be bliss."
Fun at Frieth (albeit with dodgy hairstyles)
It is rumoured that it was a joint cub scout of the year award, but there is no evidence to support this claim.
It was while at Frieth that Sam attended the Cub Scouts. He fit in well as the Cubs shared his policy of doing good deeds. Here he not only acheived the position of sixer but he also was honoured with a prestigious Cub Scout of the year award.
Unfortunately for Frieth they couldn't hold onto Sam forever and he left in 1998. However what was their loss was John Hampden's gain as that was where he chose to continue his education. After gaining excellent GCSE grades he stayed onto do A-levels at sixth form. Eventually though the time came for him to leave. The disappointment was clear, particularly from key-figures from the physics department
First Day at JHGS
Errr....yes I'm very disapointed that Steven is leaving, it was err....what's your name again?
What does the future hold for Sam? Some may speculate about positions of authority such as Prime Minister, other's say he will be the next Albert Einstein, but no one really knows. All we are going to say here is that we are sure he will bring life and a smile to whatever he does.
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