"Time for Heroes" DLSU 2004

This epic tale has everything; guns, fights, speeding trains and most important of all a courageous hero, but can he save the day before it's too late? Not to be missed!
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"Playground Panic" DLSU 2004

It's here at last!
The tale of two small children in their desperate attempts to escape two evil attackers. Who will come to the rescue? Sam of course!
"Sam Saves Southend" DLSU 2005

Here's a first for us at DLSU, an animated production using the latest in pencil technology. It doesn't disappoint, with everything from robotic cows to bombs and McFly!
"Welcome to Southend"
DLSU & LSU 2005  
Who do you think that DLSU would team up with to make a recon? Surely anyone but LSU? But here it is, their first joint effort. It turns out to be worthwhile, as long as you make the right choices...
"DSLU Enters the Gay Bar"
DLSU 2005

This crazy montage shows all that DLSU has achieved since it's inception. It contains some of the best moments and behind the screens shots, blended in motion before your eyes to that everlasting classic from Electric Six.
"Gunmen of the Apocalypse"
DLSU 2005

The longest and most exciting story yet. A good o' yarn about cowboys, barmen and Gaybariky.
Episode I: Bar Wars
Episode II: The Gaybariky Strikes Back
Episode III coming soon!